Lite is the hassle free way to trade in the US and other eligible countries.

We offer unlimited, commission-free trading on US exchange-listed stocks and ETFs,2 as well as low cost access to global markets without required account minimums or inactivity fees.

If that is not reason enough, we pay competitive interest on your idle cash balances, let you earn extra income in our Stock Yield Enhancement Program and offer low financing rates for borrowing against your account.

Start on the path to financial freedom with an Lite account.

A Powerful Suite of Trading Platforms

IBKR Lite Clients have access to Client Portal, our simple to use online account management and trading platform, and IBKR Mobile, our robust mobile trading app that gives you the freedom to trade your account on-the-go from the palm of your hand. In addition, our flagship Trader Workstation (TWS) is available for active traders and investors who trade multiple products and require power and flexibility.

Create SophisticateTrading Strategies

OptionTrader is our proprietary trading tool for executing speculative trades or building complex, multi-leg orders to hedge a position.
From a single screen, users can:

A Robust Set of Tools for Evaluating and Trading Options

Our comprehensive product suite of tools and algorithms help investors design option strategies that
manage risk, produce income and generate capital appreciation.

Options Portfolio

Our algorithm analyzes the risk/return profile of multiple options trading strategies to deliver low-cost trading solutions.

Options Portfolio continuously and efficiently scours market data for low-cost option strategies to bring a portfolio in line with user-defined objectives for the Greek risk dimensions (Delta, Gamma, Theta and Vega).

Options Analytics

Manipulate key option pricing criteria – including price, time and implied volatility – and visualize the impact on premiums.

Display the respective risk scenarios – Delta, Gamma, Theta and Vega – for call and put options for the current time period through expiration

Probability Lab

Use this tool to redefine the price and volatility outlook for an underlying stock or
ETF, and identify potentially profitable options strategies, based on that view.

Calculate, visualize and adjust the profit potential of complex
combination trades with just a few mouse clicks.